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New Year Inspiration

Happy New Year! We are a week into 2020 already! So, after a ritual journal burn on New Years Eve, I begin a new journal, or grimoire for the year. My last journal was filled with too much negativity. It's contents were not what I intended for the journal when I started it, and it ended up being a dumping ground for a lot of issues. Which is fine, and I'm glad I wrote it all down, but it was all content I would never go back and read, so I decided that with the ending of a decade, I would burn the journal and start anew. With that, I spent most of new years day designing the cover and preparing it for a years worth of entries. And as I designed the cover page, I began to be inspired by so many new ideas and plans! The only problem I have is finding the time to do them all! Needless to say, I intend on doing as many of these projects and plans as possible. So I am very excited by what 2020 has to offer already, and the dreams and intentions I hope to manifest this year. I invite you to stay tuned to these adventures of mine too! A few little plans are to finally complete the Oracle Deck I've been working on, and I'd also like to run a Mandala workshop! It's been a little dream of mine for a while and I'd like to bring that into fruition this year. Maybe I'll see YOU there! I also plan to blog more often. Something I've often failed at, but I reckon if I keep posts short and regular, maybe I could just break my bad run in blogging! We shall see...

In the meantime, I have this weekend off and SO many projects to work on! Projects I need to prioritise, otherwise I'll get sidetracked. But you can count on the fact that my Etsy shop will be updated with some new goodies, that's for sure! New cauldrons should hopefully arrive this week and there are a couple of new pendulums to be listed as well. I also have another idea for my shop in the works, but that is to be revealed in due course!

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