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Staying Inspired

You’ll remember I ran into a few hurdles with the oracle deck the last time I posted. I had completely hit a wall and had no idea what to do next. I always knew I would hit road blocks, but I was totally stumped as to what I should do. A friend who had read my post and asked me what my gut was telling me to do. Having always been a person who insists that everyone should listen to their gut, I decided that I should probably take my own advice. Interestingly enough, my gut told me to ask for help. So I did. I contacted a dear friend I have collaborated with on projects on a couple of occasions and asked her for some advice. She was more than happy to help me and subsequently, the ball is definitely rolling again!

However, having a full time job hasn’t given me a great deal of time to work on my deck lately. Adding to that, I have suddenly become overwhelmed with so many creative ideas over the last few weeks, I just want to work on ALL the projects. I do find that this keeps me inspired though. If I focus solely on one project, I become bored with it and it’s often that I will quit the project. I’m determined not to let this happen with my deck though. So while I’ve been working on some side projects, I’ve been conjuring up new ideas for the oracle deck. And having a decent break over Easter has given me plenty of time to work on side projects AND the deck. I’m pleased to say that I am officially 3/4 through the designs! I still have a lot of work to do but I’m getting excited at how things have progressed so far.

The image featured above is one of the side projects completed lately. I’ve also been creating some bracelets and I’m considering opening an online store, so be sure to check back on details for that soon!

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