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The Road is Long

It's actually been quite a long time since I blogged about my Oracle Deck. About ANYTHING really! A lot has happened over the last few months, but having a full time job has really slowed the process of my deck. Inspiration has come and gone and I've wanted to reinvent the deck on several occasions. I've changed things. I've redesigned things. I've tried so many different formats to get the exact feel I'm after with the deck. Sometimes I've wondered if I'll ever finish it. Sometimes I've wondered if I should even bother with finish it. But I'm determined to. Something in me is telling me I need to finish it. And I will.

Pictured is one of the Element series I've decided to include in the deck. Since I only get every second weekend to work on any of my projects, I generally don't get a lot done. I'm also easily distracted (squirrel!) and even when I write myself a list of creative tasks for those two days, I often venture off onto another project. And I'm actually fine with that. I like to work on other projects. It keeps me inspired and as a result, I opened an Etsy store a few months ago, selling my handmade witchy inspired crafts and some ritual essentials (cauldrons, herbs, etc). Once the Christmas mayhem is over, I might take a few days off in the new year to really knuckle down and get some serious work done on the deck.

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