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I Am Following My Dreams...

It would be nice. But it’s not that easy...

The ultimate dream for me would be to create Magick every day with my art and have it be a sustainable income for me. Tarot cards, Oracle cards and universal synchronicities have all told me to take a leap of faith and follow that path, but it’s really not that easy for me to just throw caution to the wind and take that chance. So, I stick with the security I have until such times as an opportunity arises. I just don’t want the universe to get fed up waiting for me to take that opportunity...

So I thought I would make a point of using my fortnightly weekends off to start building foundations for the path that I want to take. Which I do, but I often get distracted and lose focus. And as a result, I end up feeling like I’ve wasted time and resources on projects that fail. But what I have realized this weekend, is that I should stick to what I’m good at, but also that I want inspired others to be creative in every way possible. Even if you feel you’re not good at it. Because if creating makes you happy, why should it matter what the end result looks like? Of course you want to have that beautiful finished product at the end, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. The most important thing is the process and having fun with that process. It’s easy to get frustrated with your process however, especially when the process isn’t going in the direction you had hoped. I often find that when I start getting frustrated with the process, it’s because I’m trying too hard. That’s when I need to take a step back and stop for a moment. Most of the time it’s because I’m being impatient. I don’t get much time to create, so I try to get a finished product by the time my weekend is over. And also because if I don’t finish my project that day, I’m worried I may never go back to it! I have so many unfinished projects because I’m always thinking of new ideas and I start the new projects before I finish the old ones. What I’ve learned from this though, is to create intuitively. Once I let go of the preconceived notion that my project must look a certain way and let in run in the crazy direction it might be heading in currently, more often than not, I LOVE the end result! Having said that, this is why I always go back to creating mandalas. Within them, my intuition flows easily. It’s the magic spell I know and cast so well. It’s the spell that’s always finished and I reap the rewards at completion.

So my projects this weekend are unfinished. And after getting frustrated with them and uttering several expletives, I decided to let go of what I was trying to do and let something else happen instead. And I’ve realized that my unfinished projects this weekend are projects that I’m actually looking forward to finishing now! And in turn, conjured some new ideas as well.

With all that being said, you could say that I really am following my dreams.

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