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When Road Blocks Happen

It’s been a while now since I’ve posted. Truth be known, I’ve never been the best blogger, in terms of being a regular poster, but I’m quite determined to get this done! So, here I am. Some of my readers know that I have a full time job in retail, which at 5 days a week, doesn’t give me a lot of time to be creative. With home life and other priorities, the chance to sit down and draw (let alone blog) doesn’t happen often.

Today I have an opportunity… and I’m stuck. I have the designs in mind, but my road block today is actually my current layout for my artwork. I had originally drawn up a template for a specific card size. It’s occurred to me today that I have possibly limited myself to only produce my card in that particular size. What if I want to make my cards bigger than that? What if I want square cards? Or round cards? So I have instilled a sense of doubt in what I’m doing. That moment when I sit and look at my pages of completed artwork and sigh. Do I draw it all over again? Do I continue with the template I’m working on and then edit it all later? Which one will take the longest – redrawing or editing? I’d like to redraw. I do like to draw but it will take a long time to get back to where I’m at now.


With another great big sigh, I’ll have a look at my options and go from there. My intuition says redraw. My intuition also says, do more research into printing options!

I’ll leave this as a short post today. It’s just an update for those who are following my journey. If you have any insight at all, please feel free to leave a comment! Hopefully next time we meet I will have resolved my problem!

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