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The Not So Daily Art Journal

So, I’ve concluded that I’m really not good at keeping up with a blog. HOWEVER! I do post regularly on Instagram, so I have decided that my Instagram posts can also be blog posts! A blog post doesn’t have to be super long and I figure that by doing this, I can kill two birds with one stone. Now I can keep everybody informed of my arty adventures , so I’m actually really excited about this. Also, the fact that I can actually edit my website from my iPad and not worry about trying to transfer images from my phone or iPad to my pic laptop. That was the biggest reason for me not blogging more regularly, as it’s a complete pain in the butt to transfer the images. I can’t believe it’s actually taken me this long to figure out that I can do it all from my iPad. I concur… Anyway, be prepared to be bombarded with blog posts now.

Today I worked on a couple of projects I had started in my Daily Journal. I still call it Daily, even though it takes me a few days to finish something I’ve started in it. This one was actually started yesterday, and I had other plans for today but this took up most of it.

A little alphabet colored in with Moonlight Gelly Roll Pens and some Gelli Prints that have been chopped up to create the flower pattern.

Lots of Gelly Gelli goodness! 🤣.

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